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How To Market Your Organizing Business

How To Market Your Organizing Business

I will be sharing some strategies I used to market my professional organizing business without spending any money!

Over the years, I have learned a lot about growing a professional organizing business. When I first started my business back in 2013, I was solely getting word-of-mouth referrals. And word-of-mouth referrals are the best, in my opinion.

But with more and more organizers popping up in my area, I needed a way to grow my business in addition to word-of-mouth.

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Encourage Online Reviews

One of my very first word-of-mouth referrals worked for an online review company. And she set up a business page with a review for me. And it was probably the best thing I could have ever had happen.

What she did was share pictures, her experience, and why hiring me worked for her. That one review helped secure dozens more as people would use that review company to search for professional organizers in their area. 

After I realized that new referrals were coming from that online review, I was encouraging other clients to write reviews. I didn’t care where they were writing the reviews, I just wanted them out there. And once I started getting those reviews, I noticed a huge increase in new clients contacting me.

In order to get these reviews, I would send an email a week after our organizing session with direct links to places you could review our business. I encouraged them to write a review in the email. Not everyone would actually do it, but most would. 

Places that reviews work to help in searching:

  • Google Business
  • Yelp
  • Facebook

Post In Online Communities

Another way I got a lot of clients that were not word-of-mouth was posting in online communities like Facebook groups and NextDoor. There are a variety of neighborhood groups that I would post about my business. Then I noticed that my former clients would comment to verify my work. Which would lead to more referrals.

I would suggest finding mom groups or parent groups in your area. Then find out when you can promote your business. Follow the groups guidelines and post on the days that are designated for small business shares. Mark it on your calendar so you remember. 

I always liked posting early in the morning so more eyeballs would get on my content. And I would try different types of captions to see what got the most engagement. Because when posts get good engagement, Facebook will share it to more people in that group. It sees it as quality content!

Going Old School

This is going to sound like super old school, but it did work! I created flyers to post on community boards at my local grocery stores, nail salons, and hair salons. When people are just sitting there getting their nails done, why not have them star at a flyer about your business?

Included on my old school flyer was my email for my business and phone number. In my phone screening of the potential client, I would ask where they got my contact information. I do this with all.

Just make sure you take necessary precautions as there are creepers out there and you want to be safe when going into someone’s house. My husband always had the address of where I was going. And I would text him within 10 minutes of getting to the client’s home to ensure I was safe. Once my team grew, I would send at least 2 organizers to a new job. You just want to be safe. 

Social Media

Creating social media accounts for your business is an easy way to grow your organizing business quickly. When setting up your social media accounts, especially Instagram, include the location of your business and that you are a professional organizer. This will make you searchable. 

Share project pictures you have completed. I suggest lots of before and after. Then explaining what you did to get that. The more words you have in your caption, the more your future clients will appreciate your work. 

Also find hashtags that fit your business. I always us at least 20 hashtags. But shoot for 30. It will help more people find you as well. 

Another thing with social media is to not follow all the professional organizers out there. I know this goes against what most people are saying but hear me out. When you follow other professional organizers, you may try to imitate or copy what they are doing because you like it. But what happens is you are no longer being true to yourself. And, eventually, your clients will see that. So do what you do best and organize how you know how. Don’t try to copy others. I truly believe that when you help a fellow organizer, we all win. But copying other people’s aesthetic, you are not longer staying true to yourself and can actually hurt others in the end.

What I do is follow my organizing friends I have made online. This helps me not feel like I have to “keep up” or “organizing a certain way”. Instead I can cheer on my organizing friends and they can do the same for me. And your account will stand out in a sea of other organizers. Your perfect client will find you and be able to see your work when they are looking for you.

Marketing For Professional Organizers

Running an organizing business does require a lot of marketing. And those skills are super important to growing your business.

But marketing for a professional organizing business isn’t always the same as with other businesses. Because you may need to do more explaining about what you actually provide for your clients.

Not everyone understands what an organizer does.

The Marketing for Professional Organizers covers how you can teach your potential client why they need your services.

Learn effective strategies to help gain more clients with less effort.

And get the bonus course of Working With Brands. Because brand collaborations are a great marketing strategy that benefit both you and the brand you are working with!

Find more on the Marketing for Professional Organizers video course.

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