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Professional Organizer Contract Template Ideas

Professional Organizer Contract Template Ideas

Client contracts are necessary for any professional organizer. Not only does the contract protect you, it also gives your client a clear picture as to what services look like.

I have seen far too many professional organizers never require their clients to sign a contract prior to working with them. I found that most organizers don’t require a contract because they are unsure what to include in their client contracts.

So I am breaking down all the things you need to include along with a professional organizer contract template.

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Expectations To Include In Client Contract

The very first thing I include in my client contract is what the client should expect from working with me. I like to be clear about the expectations on both ends.

What the client can expect from me and what I can expect from the client. I include confidentiality information as well. And I explain the process for using pictures for social media. I give my clients the option that allows me to take pictures and share on social media and marketing purposes.

Not every client wants their home shared, which is why I always have them sign off on what they are willing to agree to. 

I also am crystal clear about the project outcomes of each organizing job we help with.

The project outcome truly does depend on the client’s willingness to participate in the process; sorting, decluttering, and donating when necessary.

Long-term maintenance of organization hinges on the client’s commitment to maintaining the order, and quantity of items in the space.

You need to be clear about this as you are not responsible for a client not following through on any organizing systems you may have put in place for them. 


Another important thing to include in your professional organizer’s client contracts is what packages or pricing options you offer.

There are a few ways to create packages.

One way is to offer a room package.

Another is grouping sessions.

Let’s say you offer a session, which is 3 hours at a time. You can package those sessions together to create a package. Buy 5 sessions get the 6 session for free. You can also charge hourly.

I suggest getting an idea of your audience and what they are willing to pay for when creating your packages and pricing. You can always increase or decrease your costs based on how many/few jobs you are getting to find the perfect pricing point.

Professional Organizer Contract Template

Starting with a template helps so much. Which is why the Organizing Experts Starter Kit includes professional organizer contract templates you can use.

Not only do you get samples in the Organizing Experts Starter Kit, you also get marketing advice, supply list to bring to every client project, and more.

organizing experts starter kit


Also make sure you include how your clients can pay you. What are the ways you offer payment. And how they are required to pay you.

I would take a consultation fee for every consultation I went to. Then I deducted that fee from the bill of the client. 

For moving jobs, I required a deposit before we started as those jobs were more time-consuming. 

Figure out what the payment options are and how you want your clients to pay you. Then include that in your client contract.

Policies To Include In Professional Organizer’s Client Contracts

Finally, include your policies for your services.

These policies can include late payment fees. Or cancellation fees. Do you offer free shopping for your clients or do you bill for those hours?

All these questions should be written down so your client knows what to expect. The clearer you are on these types of things, the better your relationship is with your client. And you are less likely to run into an issue later on.

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