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What Is In My Professional Organizer Toolkit

What Is In My Professional Organizer Toolkit

When I go into clients’ homes, I bring a professional organizer toolkit with me.

It is an easy way to make sure that I have all the items I need while working with clients both in-home and in commercial space. Wanna take a peek as to what I pack??

Organizing toolkit container on wheels

The Container

I bring my Deflecto Stackable Caddy Organizers with me. I love them because they can stack on top of each other so I can carry my organizers with me filled with all my supplies.

All The Labels

If you know anything about me, then you know that I love labels. Like have a rather small obsession with labels. So I have a few of the containers filled with labels.

I carry my chalkboard labels and chalk markers in one container. My label maker in another organizer. And binder clips in another. I use those for some laminated labels I may make for a client.


I also have ample amounts of Post It notes. I use them for everything! I will label the cabinets with what items are in there if we rearrange a kitchen. Or I will temporarily label a shelf or drawer using a Post It.

If the client likes it after living with it for a week or so, I will create a better label for that space.


I carry a ton of markers. Because I love them and I need them to spruce up the Post It notes. My favorites are the TomBow dual brush markers!

Hammer And Supplies

Finally I carry a bunch of tools. I hang pictures or try to repair things for clients so I like to keep my professional organizer toolkit on hand.

I use the large bin for the hammer, scissors, hole punches, and a small bin for the nails and screws.

Professional organizer breaks down what she brings with her when working with clients in residential homes and calls it a professional organizer tool kit. #professionalorganizer #organized #toolkit

I love having something that is so versatile and easy to carry. Plus you can find everything you need rather quickly, so you stay organized while storing your items in your professional organizer toolkit!

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