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Best Way To Plan Your Year As An Online Business

Best Way To Plan Your Year As An Online Business

As an online business owner, trying to take time to plan things can seem like an uphill battle. Because there is always something going on. So I have some tricks for how you can plan out your year so you aren’t stressing about making content for social media, launching new products, or feeling like you are behind!

our homeschool desk set up with 3 desks all next to each other and project boards hanging on the wall

Get Your Calendars

To start planning for your online business, get your calendars. Because you are going to plan all your content for the entire quarter. 

Yes, quarter. 

There is no more planning as you go if you want to get out of that feeling like you are behind.

I use my project boards to plan out the three months in the quarter. You can also use large wall calendars as well.

project board plans with what is included

Use Post-It Notes

Then I use Post-It notes to write down when I want to launch a new product, course, or service. 

I am a huge color-coder, so I use different colored Post-It notes to color-code my calendar.

Yellow is for my launches.

Green is for my videos.

Blue is for my blog posts.

And pink is for my organizing experts mastermind group.

So I write out on the Post-It notes what things I am launching or planning. Then I add that Post-It note to the calendar. 

Since they are sticky notes, I can move them around if I have things going on that make launching something difficult. That is why I love sticky notes for planning.

Example For How To Plan

My process for creating a quarterly plan starts with writing down all the products, courses, and services I am going to launch. I just write it on one piece of paper.

Then I update my project boards with the proper dates and months.

On my color-coded sticky notes, I write down the products, courses and/or services I want to launch that quarter. And I just stick them up on the board.

As I am filling in other things like blog posts and videos, I can move around the launching sticky notes to fit. 

Let’s say I am launching my Declutter Like A Pro Blueprint. I will set up a ramp up with a challenge the week before to get my audience ready to declutter like a pro. So I add that to my planning. Which helps with blog posts and videos I am going to create.

This is why it is so important to plan ahead!

Stick To Your Plan

Once I feel confident in what I have planned, I create daily schedules to stick to that plan.

I time-block my day, so I can use my quarterly planner to help guide my time for the weeks and the days.

To time-block, I write down everything I need to do for the week. Then I block out times during my week to complete those tasks. I use the plan I created to help guide my weekly list. 

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Try For The Following Quarter

Once you get in the habit of planning for the quarter, you can try planning for the next quarter. 

Look at the upcoming quarter. Use sticky notes to write down things you want to do in that quarter. Then plan out what you want to do!

It helps so much thinking about the quarter ahead.

Plan Your Year As An Online Business

When you take the time to plan out by quarter, you are going to already feel ahead in your business. Start with a large calendar and sticky notes.

Then plan out what you are launching. Create content around that launch so your audience is excited about it. Then stick to that plan!

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