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How To Get Professional Organizer Certification

Did you know it is easy to get professional organizer certification?


One day you can wake up and decide you want to be a professional organizer. And, BOOM, you are one.

Now most people don’t just decide to become a professional organizer. They find that other people are asking for their advice on organizing. Or people have commented on their organizational abilities.

And most people won’t just jump in to the world of organizing.

They want training on how to become a certified professional organizer.

So I am going to share my secret to professional organizer certification training that is far easier than you may think!

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1. Do The Research For Your Certified Professional Organizer Training

Any time someone asks me how to start an organizing business, or what trainings or courses I recommend for becoming a professional organizer, I always say DO THE RESEARCH! What I mean by that is do a quick Google search. Ask the question on Google. Read the articles to see what they recommend. 

There are books on the topic of professional organizing. There are books about business. And there are tons of resources to help you start your own business that is service-based. A service-based business is a business that offers a service. Which is what professional organizers offer. A product-based business is a business that sells a physical (or digital) product. Those are things like clothing or e-books. 

Below are some resources to help you with your research on professional organization:

What Is Your Role As A Professional Organizer

How To Become A Professional Organizer

What Is Your Role As A Professional Organizer

Most of the time, they tell you that you do not need to do anything expect start! But I know you, and you want more than just the green light to start a business. So that’s when I recommend joining a mastermind group.

2. Start With Client Jobs

There is no better training than real-life. So start offering to organize your friends’ homes. When I first started, I offered family and friends organizing sessions where I would organize an area of their home. In exchange, I was asked they allow me to share photos on Instagram and Facebook. 

Set a timer for yourself so you know how long an area takes you to organize. When I was organizing friends and family, I would set a timer for myself so I could estimate for paying clients how long a specific project may take. When they asked how long does a kitchen take, I would say a typical kitchen takes me about x amount of hours. This gave them a ballpark of how much organizing an area of their home would cost.

Create a survey to give your friends about 2 weeks after your organizing session. Ask them if the organizing system you set up worked for them. What would they change? Is there anything that worked fantastic? Did you explain yourself so they could keep up with the organizing you created for them?

This feedback is super helpful so you know how to better communicate with paying clients. These surveys were my first reviews! I used things they shared to sell my services on social media and my website.

3. Take Action To Become A Certified Professional Organizer

As you can see, there are a lot of ways you can get training as a professional organizer.

But do not feel you have to spend a lot of time doing research and reading up on ways to become a professional organizer. Set a date that you want to start. Use that time to create a plan. I like this business plan because it is specific for professional organizers. Then get to work!

Once that date comes, start your professional organizing business. When you decide you are going to do it, use that time you planned for training to be a professional organizer and then get started.

You can do the research to teach yourself how to run a service-based business. Doing the work is another way that you can get professional organizer training.

Because you are actually doing what professional organizers do.

4. Certified Organizer Training

There are many ways to get professional organizer certification.

I actually helped teach a course on Brain-Based Conditions Course for Professional Organizers that provides certification as a brain-based conditions expert through NAPO.

The Organizing Experts University offers certification for organizing experts.

Upon completion of the video trainings, you will receive a certificate as an Organizing Expert.

Learn more about The Organizing Experts University below.

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