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How To Create Management Project Templates For Project Management

How To  Create Management Project Templates For Project Management

When you run a business, you need the tools to keep yourself organized. One way to do that is to automate how you manage projects.

Management project templates are a great way to keep your projects organized without worrying about forgetting a step.

I am breaking down ways to create these templates to help you organize your projects both digitally and physically.

Learn effective tips for how to be creative and organized from professional organizer and creative person, The Organized Mama.

Project Board With Post-Its

I am a very visual person, so I need to see things in order for them to get done. This became a problem when I started writing my to-do list in a notebook and closing the book. I wouldn’t get things done. So I created a project board that can be hung in my office.

I looked at my to-do list and grouped those tasks into categories. Then I used those categories to create sections on my board. Each Post-It note on the board is a different task. When I work on a specific task, I pull the Post-It off the board and throw it away once everything is complete.

These project boards can be recreated with poster board, whiteboard, or acrylic boards.

Tutorial For Management Project Templates:

To create the acrylic project board, head to your local Lowe’s Home Improvement store. Have them cut the Plexiglass into the height and width you want for your space. My boards are 32″ long by 24″ tall. Grab an acrylic drill bit and some marketing hardware screws.

Drill into the glass in all four corners. We drilled about 1″ into the plexiglass on each of the 4 corners. Make sure you keep that protective coating on the plexiglass until the very end!

After you drill, cut out lettering using your Cricut or Silhouette machine. I also cut out long strips of vinyl to act as the divider. Make sure you flip the letters because they are going on the backside of the acrylic board.

Adhere the letters to the backside of the plexiglass after you take off the coating just on the backside. Wipe it all down before you do the next step, which is hanging it!

Drill the marketing hardware screws into the wall by holding the plexiglass where you want it on the wall. Screw the front part of the marketing screw into the wall with the plexiglass in between. Remove the coating and wipe off! Now your acrylic project board is hanging up and looking good!

I have the full tutorial that you see here along with labels to add in my Project Board Plans.

project board planner flatlay

Digital Project Board

Another project plan example is to create a digital project board. I use one on my computer. Since I have a MacBook, I can use the Stickies to create digital Post-It notes and stick them on my computer desktop. I changed the background to a project planning background.

Digital project plan examples are shown. This one is of coffee and planner with overlay of computer screen broken up into squares for each project #projectplanner #planning

Grab my FREE digital project board wallpaper to use as management project templates below:

To create your own digital wallpaper, head to the website There you are going to create a new design. You will want the dimensions to be approximately 3348 by 1870.

Pick a background and add shapes to create categories of projects you have.

Rose background computer digital project planning example with areas for folders, projects, everything else, and to do lists #projectplanner #planned

Command Center

Another project plan example is to create a command center. Command centers can mean a host of things to people.

For this purpose, think of a command center as the gathering spot for everything you need to complete projects. Make sure you have space to track projects, the items you need to track projects, binders, space for papers, and anything else that is needed.

I am talking about everything you need for your family to function or for your job to get done.

I have created command centers for families using a variety of items, but the items that are used in every command center include either a whiteboard or chalkboard, a hanging filing system, and a calendar.

We typically have a space for pens, whiteboard markers, chalk, and Post-It notes nearby. Sometimes that includes hanging on the wall, while other times it involves a drawer or basket under the command center.

Gather all the items you need to support your command center. Then find items that can be hung so everything is together. I recommend keeping the calendar at eye level with pens or Post-Its nearby. Give each hanging file a specific category and label it. Create a project or activity board on the whiteboard or chalkboard.

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Trello or Asana For Management Project Templates

Finally, Trello and Asana are specific online apps that are good project plan examples. My only hesitation about recommending them is that they are not as easily accessible as something that is more out in the open like a project board or your wallpaper on your computer.

These are programs you have to go online to access. And if your computer screen isn’t that wide, you have to scroll to see all the projects you have to complete.

For me, it’s too overwhelming. But for my clients, it has worked wonders. It totally depends on what and how you like to visually look approach project planning.

I do use both Trello and Asana for different purposes. Trello is used for delegating tasks to my team. I can create different boards with different backgrounds for different projects my team has to work on. I can track their progress and check in with them frequently.

While Asana is used for keeping track of work-related items, such as my Instagram hashtags, client information, and keyword research. But I don’t use them for project planning purposes.

project planning desk with project plan examples using an acrylic project board broken into categories and organized using colorful post it notes to ensure proper management project tempaltes. #projectplanning #organized

These project plan examples should help you create a plan for yourself! Find one that works for you, whether that be visual or digital. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach, so look and see what works best for you!

As you have read, I use multiple project management tools to help keep me on track. For my larger projects, I use a project board. I keep my computer projects organized with digital wallpaper. Our family stays organized with our command center. And I use some digital apps to keep my team in check!

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