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How To Make Money With A Digital Course

How To Make Money With A Digital Course

I know what you are thinking. You are asking yourself if it is really possible to make money with a digital course. And I am here to tell you absolutely!!

I have had countless friends create successful digital courses on topics that help the people they serve. And I have had massive success with my digital courses.

No matter what type of business you are in, you can easily create a digital course to help teach your audience your knowledge, expertise, and skills.

So I am going to share my secrets to creating a digital course that will bring you solid income.

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Start With A Solution

When you are working on a digital course, you can’t just throw anything out there. People are too smart to buy something that doesn’t have a solution to a problem.

But most of the time the solution is a problem they don’t even know they have.

When I started to create The Organized Kids Academy, I was using my experience with my clients to create a course that would help teach their kids how to clean up and tidy after themselves.

Basically putting myself out of business. But it was something that I have seen from countless clients who were in need of some help to get their kids to clean up.

That is where The Organized Kids Academy came from. The solution to the problem they didn’t even know they had!

Now you could be in any business. And see struggles with your audience, email list, social media following. Start with things you see over and over. Like in comments or questions you keep getting asked.

Get Your Audience Involved

So when I realized that I had the solution to a problem they didn’t know they had, I went straight to my source…my audience!!

I took to email and social media to poll my audience to see what they were looking for. I asked open-ended questions to get their words to describe their situation with clutter and kids.

I did phone calls with my audience to see what their pain points were when it came to keeping their homes organized with kids.

I started a private Facebook group with questions that would help me create courses that met their needs.

Basically, I got as much information from my audience as I could before creating the courses.

My original idea for the course was very different than how it turned out. Because my original idea was me teaching the kids. But as I talked with my audience, I realized they wanted something more tangible. They wanted kids teaching their kids. Because those were the YouTube videos their kids were watching.

So I pivoted based on listening to their feedback.

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Create The Digital Course

After the research from your audience, it comes time to actually create the course.

Now you don’t need fancy equipment. You don’t need to have a script to follow word-by-word. You just need to take action.

This is the step that I see so many business owners struggle with. Instead of just making the video, writing out the instructions, or setting a date to go live, they sit on all that they have just researched. Not doing anything.

So this step is where you truly need to take action.

When I recorded The Organized Kids Academy, I used my phone. It was easier than trying to set up a camera because the kids were moving so much.

Instead of a word-for-word script, I made bullet points. This helped us walk through the steps the kids needed to share for the course.

The videos weren’t that long. But the tutorials I created for parents walked them through the steps.

After the initial videos, I was able to make adjustments. Because I had something to start with. So instead of feeling like it has to be perfect to sell, just create it and tweak things later.

Selling Your Digital Course

I remember the moment I made my first sale on my very first digital course. It was the most satisfying feeling because all of my hard work had paid off.

People were interested in teaching their kids how to organize. And my research paid off, because people were invested in the process.

Which is why it is so important to get your audience involved in the process.

It makes selling your digital course much more meaningful to them and their experience.

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What Next?

Now that you have made the decision to create a digital course, you need to take action. Set a launch date. That is the date you plan to sell your course.

Then work backwards to find time to create the content for your course. Then decide how long you are going to spend on researching what your audience wants from the course.

For The Organized Kids Academy, I gave myself two weeks to do the research. Two weeks to create the content. And two weeks to edit and upload the content onto the platform.

Then I created a launch schedule where I prepped my audience for the launch, which was two weeks. This process involved getting the audience in the mindset of why they need The Organized Kids Academy for their kids.

Then I spent one week selling the course.

Now I am able to sell my course throughout the year, with two sales a year. This helps increase revenue and grow my audience!

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