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10 Time-Saving Tips For Running Your Professional Organizing Business

10 Time-Saving Tips For Running Your Professional Organizing Business

I have been in the business of organizing since 2013. And during that time I have learned a bunch of different ways to run a successful professional organizing business.

It isn’t just a one-thing works for everyone situation. There are many factors that go into play with running and growing a business.

I am sharing my 10 tips for running your own professional organizing business that have helped me save a lot of time!

Get Your Documents In Order

The best thing to make sure you have is your business plan. Now as a professional organizer, you may be questioning why this is important. I mean, aren’t you just going to be organizing people’s things? 

But if you want to create a successful business, you need the business plan that gives you clarity on what it is you actually want out of your business.

If you just want to cover the costs of your child’s activities, then it should be stated in your plan. If you want to grow and scale your business to 6-figures, then you need a plan. 

It doesn’t matter what you want from your business, but you need a clearly defined plan to get started. It will save you so much time in the long-run because you are clear on your goals from the beginning.  

Block Time

Another time-saving tip for me is to time block my day. When you time block, you schedule specific tasks for specific times of the day. Let’s say you have a day where you can work on your business. That means that you are doing invoicing, scheduling, following up, getting testimonials, scheduling social media, etc. You can set time blocks for doing all those tasks so you feel less overwhelmed and are able to do everything all at once instead of trying to do a little here and a little there.

To time block, use a planner with times on it. Give yourself an hour to do a project. Then take a short break and do another task for an hour. This ensures all tasks will get done and you aren’t missing anything.

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Batch Your Stuff For Your Professional Organizing Business

Another thing that goes along with time blocking is batching you things. Batching your stuff means that you do the same task all at once.

Let’s say you write a newsletter to your email list. You try to write one newsletter a week. So you can batch that by writing all 4 newsletters for the month on the same day during your time blocks.

Or maybe you schedule your social media, so you batch creating all your social media content at the same time. 

Batching your stuff helps you get similar tasks completed so you aren’t constantly doing the same things every day.

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Set Timers

And with time blocking and batching your stuff, you can also save time by setting timers. I do this when I am on social media or listening to podcasts.

I try to give myself some time to enjoy those things but I cannot make them my entire day or I won’t get anything done. So, by setting timers, I am not caught in the social media trap. I can be productive, which will give me time in the end.

Get Clear On Your Goals

Another thing that has helped me grow my professional organizing business has been getting really clear on my goals. And when I get clear on my goals, I am not doing things that don’t meet my goals. I am making sure that everything I do aligns with what I want to do for my business. 

This helps you stop doing things just do be busy and only do things that will move your business forward. Have you ever been doing something and really disappointed with the end result because you realized after that it has nothing to do with your business? That is why getting clear on your goals is key.

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When you are finding that you don’t have time to do all the things, then it may be time to outsource. Or maybe you are realizing there are things in your business you no longer enjoy doing. Then you may need to outsource. Outsourcing is when you hire help to do things you no longer have time or enjoy doing.

When I first started growing my professional organizing business, I realized I needed help with my social media, website, blog stuff, and keeping up with my inbox.

So I hired a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant is someone who can help with tasks that you may need support with. I trained her on how I wanted things done, and then she did those things for me. It helped take things off my plate and gave me more time.

I use Rock Solid Virtual Assistants and I couldn’t sing their praises more! I started off using an assistant that was just a freelance because they were cheaper. But as I grew, I needed someone with more of a customer service background and social media growth strategist.

So I went with an agency that hires and matches business owners with assistants. 

Have Systems In Place

Another time-saving tip is to have your systems in place for your professional organizing business.

What I mean by this is how you introduce yourself to your potential clients when they reach out. Do you have questions you ask them before you book a job? What about a survey they fill out prior to you getting there? Do you have a contract that gets signed? What do you do to follow up with potential clients who haven’t gotten back to you?

All those questions should be answered by your systems that you have in place. Because when you have a flow that you follow, you can easily save time because things can go on autopilot.

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Schedule Your Social Media

This is something I truly believe will save you so much time in the end, which is to schedule your social media! I know a lot of people tell you to “post what you feel” or “don’t schedule because you will lose your creative edge”.

I think that is all so silly. When I am running around to client jobs, you don’t have time to remember to post. So why not schedule your things out so you stay consistent? 

I follow a posting schedule that I have found so helpful to keeping me consistent. And I share more on social media.

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Plan Your Days

Another big time-saving tip is to plan your days the night before. This helps you not waste time planning what needs to get done. Because you can just start your day with the first task you planned.

I learned that having an “end of work day routine” was key for me staying on top of all the things that goes into running an organizing business. What I do for my routine is check email one more time, plan my day for the following day, and tidy up my desk space.

Those simple things really help save so much time.

I break down more tips: Useful Lists To Help Plan Your Day.

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Use Resources That Help Your Professional Organizing Business

One of my all-time favorite ways to save time while growing my organizing business has been implementing resources from other experts in the field. Because these experts who have been doing this organizing thing for long, they have learned things to help me grow.

I was able to work with other professional organizers while I grew my business. I took online classes from experts in the field.

Those classes and the expertise that was shared was life-changing.

And that is why The Organizing Experts University was created.

The Organizing Experts University is perfect if you:

  • want to stop spending time searching for tips on how to grow your organizing business from people who have never had an organizing business
  • are sick of trying to keep up with social media
  • are ready to book yourself solid with client jobs
organizing experts university with computer and phones

The Organizing Experts University includes:

  • 28 video lessons
  • Tried-and-true methods for growing your business with minimal effort
  • What you need to include in your contract
  • Strategies for dealing with difficult clients
  • The best ways to market yourself without spending money
  • Effective ways to turn client jobs into social media content

AND bonuses including:

  • Financial advice from a finance expert specializing in small businesses
  • Organizing experts share their tips in the field
  • Blogging 101

The Organizing Experts University is the key to saving you time as you run your professional organizing business!

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